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My discussion text


Should children bring Mobile Phone to school?   In the past few years in technogly has grown and  mobiles have been devolped.70% children aged 10-14 who have got mobile phones. Phones can cause life-time brain damage. If a child has nobody to play with they can go on their personal mobile phone and go on […]

The Mohamed poem


I’m the toughest pastry maker who has ever baked a cake. My impressive little pastries are impossible to break. Yes, my cookies and my cupcakes will defeat the strongest jaws, while my muffins are impervious to power drills and saws. You have never seen a danish or a donut quite so strong and I bake […]

cool facts about Canada part 2 Mohamed Hassan


The topic of Canada is as broad as is the country is vast and diverse. Canada is world renowned for its friendliness, cultural diversity, peaceful nature, sprawling lands, fresh air and natural beauty. There is much to discover about this great country and with every page turned, there is something new to learn.

Cool facts about Canada by but only me Mohamed Hassan


When Were Canada’s Provinces Founded? <!– 13 November 2009No Comment –> The Dominion of Canada came into being on July 1, 1867. Dominion  indicated Canada was a self-governing colony of the British Empire. On the day Canada came into being, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec became its first provinces. Further provinces and territories […]



All of my poems are from……Kenn Nesbbit OMG(oh my gosh) Mohamed Hassan

Poem Mania!!!! by Mohamed Hassan


My Puppy Plays Piano My puppy plays piano. It’s the strangest thing to see. It seems, while I was practicing, he learned by watching me. He started out on chopsticks, then he learned to play some Bach. It wasn’t long before he knew the blues and classic rock. He also taught my kitten how so […]

Kenn Nesbbit poems ( there really funny)Mohamed Hassan Digging for Diamonds


Digging for Diamonds I’m digging for diamonds. I’m digging for gold. I’m digging for silver that’s shiny and cold. I’m digging all day and I’m digging all night. I’m digging for rubies all sparkling and bright. I plan to get famous. I plan to get rich by digging up gemstones in ditch after ditch. And […]

Poetry by Mohamed Hassan


Ok People here is my top five poems 1)My teacher ate my homework, which I thought was rather odd. He sniffed at it and smiled with an approving sort of nod. He took a little nibble— it’s unusual, but true— then had a somewhat larger bite and gave a thoughtful chew. I think he must […]

Mohamed Hassan’s 100 Word Challenge


”At last Moby we found it!” ”what Darren?” ”the golden eagle!” Darren and Moby saw the golden eagle layed on golden stool. Darren ran to get the golden eagle but the golden eagle cam alive and took Darren ‘s hat Moby just laughed .”Get that eagle!”so Moby ran to get the eagle but the eagle did […]

My Teacher ate my homework by Kenn Nesbitt but Edited by Mohamed Hassan


My teacher ate my homework, Which I thought was rather odd. She sniffed at it and smiled with an approving sort of nod. She took a little nibble — it’s unusual, but true — then had a somewhat larger  bite and gave a thoughtful chew. I think she must have liked it, for she really […]

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