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Moonchester & Moonbeam….



Missing every one


Oh I miss u so much every one I missed miss cavanaghs lessons I missed Layla’s games le chante’s club bethany’s beautiful face wasan’s comment’s i missed muheboallah’s art



Hey guys, Yesterday me and my family went to the park but we went to the shop first and they had a new kind of jaw breakers! (Audience) – “OOOHHH” There’s a new fire-ball kind and they are soo Hot went you suck on them! Guess what I’m chewing the gum right now! My jaw’s […]

megan says hi


hi ereryone are you ok I’ve had so much fun in science we done something like trying to discontanminate water it was sooooo cool.bye

the end of year 5!! :-( FROM DEVON XXX


HI  year 5 it is the last 3 days in year 5 oww no but then we are going to be in year 6 the last year then we will leave thats sooo sad but we  are going to have a hole 6 weeks off WOW!1!!

Lavenda by roshay


I can’t belive miss c called me Lavenda from the Matilda movie SHE’S GOING TO GET PAY BACK ME

dog animations by bethany


london olympics eqeustrain by lechante


animations by azza


nooo i am leaving


hello year 5 i am leaving wjen i am in year 6 and a week so i will miss you all and all the teachers!!!

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YO PEEPZ!!!!!!!!!HOW ARE YOU!!!!


YO PEEPZ!!! how are youdont ask me becasue i am fine on the holidays on saterday and sunday we went…..waite let me think……………………………………………………………OH YA GOT IT no i havent……………………..sorry………………………..GOT IT we went lego,trafford and lots of things it was fun i ate a lot of sweets but my belley got fatter and i am giving […]

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weired animations by bethany



hi every one i now finely arrived from Dubai  to Saudi Arabia i just wonted u to know miss ya so much class and miss Cavangh Sarah 1970

good bye sarah :)


bye sarah i am going to miss u and a lot of people will you are very kind and  u will have a sucesfull in life hope you have enjoyed being in year 5 and hope u have had a lovely time in barlow hall hope you have a great time in your contry hope […]

funny amations by bethany


Should animal be able to be kept in a circus?


For animal’s should be kept in a circus beacuse its entertainment for evryone animal have allways been used i a circus so why change that  circuses give people a cahnce too see live animals up close animals enjoy peforming and get a good reward  by layla against a circus can be just good without using […]

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some more funny animations by bethany


Funny animations by Adam


My discussion text


Should children bring Mobile Phone to school?   In the past few years in technogly has grown and  mobiles have been devolped.70% children aged 10-14 who have got mobile phones. Phones can cause life-time brain damage. If a child has nobody to play with they can go on their personal mobile phone and go on […]

Moonchester by Bethany


I found out that moonchester did have a girlfriend called moonbean  also I enjoyed today because moonchester came in to are school

Homwork Probibilty


impossible                                                                                ulikley i will turn 3 years old tomorrow,                                       That it will be 80 degrees tomorow that next week i will start hight school                             that it will snow tomorow likely                                                                                      certain i will go to school tomorow                                        eat my dinner and have a shower i will watch tv   tomorow                                                                                                           by layla

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blackpool pleasure beach by Azza


            when we went pleasure beach the thing that frightend me was the laughing clown  it even freaked me out when we walked past it by Azza

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Euro 2012


what country will win? , i hope england win!

trip to blackpool


on our trip to black pool pleasure beach and I went on the Pepsi max I was absolutely fabulous I was screaming the whole way on the ride it tickled me in the stomach so were my friends roshay and niah two boys behind me were screaming so basically everyone was screaming and this is the Pepsi […]

are trip to blackpool


Are trip to Blackpool was very injoyalbe i loved the rides and i injoyed haveing fun with my lovely class Sarah.

Trip to blackpool Pleasure Bach by Muhibullah


We year 5-6 had a great time going to blackpool pleasure beach i hope we go go next year and the ride that was the scariest was the pepsi max it was the best ride and a little too scarie

blackpool pleasure beach


that was my best day of my life the rides was amazing i went on steeplechase ghost train water logs hope you go there and have fun 🙂 by theo



i just love going to BLACKPOOL because when i played the Ghost because it was so scary ill tell you why BECAUSE ITS WAS SCARY i love this bit i was waiting tell its my tern so then i saw david and randolph in the car and when they went down i saw randolph screaming!!!! […]

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what we done on the weekend!


We went to balck pool on monday had a great day it was amazing espeially the pepsi max it was the best it was sccccccccaaaaarrrryyyyyy! but so funny ! 😀 i cant wayt for next by david!!!!!!!                                     […]

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blackpool by bethany


i loved blackpool



I loved going to black-pool. We went on amazing rides! I loved the Pepsi-Max because it was really fun & scary. But 90% Scary & 10% Fun And on the Ghost train I went with Khulood and she screamed her little heart out! She did’nt stop screaming til’ we finished the ride!  

our trip to Blackpool


OMG! it was fantastic esspecialy the pepsi max it was so scary! SO was infusion and the ghost train (no one was riding with me aswell!) thank you miss cavanagh, miss peacock and all other teachers for this amazing day out. And I won’t forget the tango ride it was great (and terrifying)  

black-pool. by chloe


hi black pool is so good and the pepsi-max  is so good my frends love it .

are trip to chorlton high


on tuesday we went to chorlton high to have a taster day it was fun we had three different lesssons they were all amazzing.  

Trip to blackpool by Adam and Mohammed Hakami


we went to blackpool pleisure beach and we went on lots of rides including pepsi max, infusion,ice blast and ghost train.

the trip to blackpool’ by michael.


we had to wait for an hour until we got to pleaseure beach! we we’r going to go an horsey ride but the ride stop and we had to wait for bethany and devon to get back. after lunch we went on the big one A.K.A the pepsi max,it was so fast that i could’t […]

some funny animations by bethany


happy jubilee day


happy Jubilee day the queen has had the crown for 60 years she became the the queen when she was 25 years old                  by Bethany      

New blog!


Hi guys here is matues school blog from barzil go on this link and u will se a picture of matues OMG i am sooo happy and he is growing up soo fast go on the link below http://www.4anopraiadoriso2012.blogspot.com.br/ bye devon xxxxxxxxxxxx

100 word challenge by niah


FINALY WE FOUND IT!!! the super rare cats with flys bodys and cat heads this amzing theese creaturs can  only be seen in the catflyforest in the deepest part of britan. Come on lets capture them and keep them as pets back in our town BUT OH NO!! THERE VISHAS AND CARMFUL  THER GOING TO  ATACK  RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNN. No we are […]

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100 word challenge


Suddenly , its a a . . . . . . . … . . . . BOOK wow it has a song and it goes ” in the jungle the mighty jungle , The lion sleeps to….night , wimoway wimoway wimoway wimoway wimoway wimoway wimoway wimoway

My finally poem


M y t e a c h e r s a i d t o w r i t e a p o e m a n d m a k e i t n i c e a n d l o n g . I d i d e x a c t […]

100 word


suddenly, i saw two boys and there name was jayden and jack and i said give me all ya money NOW or ill kill ya ha ha ha lol so they said oright i said im only joking but come with me i need to show you some think so we went on on and […]

Gran Can You Rap By (Mohammed Hakami)


Gran was in her chair she was taking a nap When I tapped her on the shoulder to see if she could rap. Gran can you rap? Can you rap? Can you Gran? And she opened one eye and she said to me, Man, I’m the best rapping Gran this world’s ever seen I’m a […]

Chorlton Olympics.


 Are school is gonna win.

Rappingggggggggggggg miss jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj deb


YOOOO miss J what a verry happy day going home all alone going on ur bb talikin to ya friendies saying what a very sunny dayyyy THANK YOU!!!!!! THANK YO!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! bye devon xxxxx

new video by michael


<a href=”http://goanimate.com/videos/0hMGS42RIq3E?utm_source=embed&uid=0IWvbutytjzk” target=”_blank”>mister man guy’s Animation</a> by <a href=”http://goanimate.com/user/0IWvbutytjzk” link up there tell me what you think

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This is my faret poem by Adam Horton


My teacher took my iPod. She said they had a rule; I couldn’t bring it into class or even to the school. She said she would return it; I’d have it back today. But then she tried my headphones on and gave a click on Play. She looked a little startled, but after just a […]



Yo miss cavaghnah were you going today in your audi a3 its a verry sunny day, with your roof right down and blasting your tunes when evryone stops and stares so soon. by layla sorry bored 🙂      

Mohammad’s Animation


GoAnimate.com: random12345678910%27s+Animation by random12345678910 Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It’s free and fun!

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